My Beliefs

1. I do not know if a separate god exists apart from “All That Is” but there is little compelling evidence at present. I would rank myself on Dawkin’s god-non-belief scale at a 6.
2. All that is, is impermanent. Change is constant.
3. Reincarnation is real in the naturalistic sense that all matter reforms over a long period of time, thus molecules that once made former, discrete living beings now make up my body.
4. We do not know what happens to individual consciousness when a person dies, but most evidence suggests it simply ceases. I do not know if individual consciousness exists in any real way.
5. There is no such thing as the paranormal or supernatural. If something exists (in the sense that we can interact with it) than it is normal and natural. There is the possibility of the undiscovered however, which would — when discovered — explain the many mysteries of our phenomenal world.
6. Laughter is the language of life, death and everything in between.
7. Everything is interconnected — that is a scientific statement rather than religious.
8. My basic premises are: Live as harmlessly as possible. Be kind to all. See the many in the one. Love all, but love some toughly.
9. Many of the teachings attributed to Jesus or the Buddha or other famed religious figures are useful in my life (particularly the Golden Rule) but not dogmatic. It is impossible to separate the false ones from the historically accurate ones.
10. I believe most all of the major religious figures had some basis in historical facts but their biographies as now presented are likely exaggerated.
11. Cats know more than they let on.
12. Meditation, divorced from most ritual and religion, can be a powerful method of personal growth and perception.
13. Evolution is the best current explanation for how life has developed over the past few billion years. Nobody knows how life arose at present.
14. Most of my beliefs about The Big Questions end with “I don’t know.”
15. The universe is very old and I don’t know how it began although the Big Bang model seems to be most consistent with current data.
16. Meaning can be found from the very nature of life itself. The meaning of life must be determined by the one living it.
17. Morality comes from “common sense,” not an outside force.


3 Responses to My Beliefs

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  2. That’s a really grand list. I see little on it that I would disagree with.

  3. It is certainly interesting for me to read that article. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

    Sincerely yours

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