A Picture’s Worth Thousands of Votes

Blogger Loft965 offers proof that the Iranian elections were rigged:

“Two screenshots Iranian state-run television illustrating the apparent decrease in votes for candidate Mohsen Rezaee over a four hour period. The upper picture shows Rezaee with 633,048 votes at 09:47; the lower shows the same candidate with 587,913 votes at 13:53 later that day, a decrease of 45,135.”

Is the presence of a theocracy an automatic inducement for fraud, assuming the theocrats in power believe they are serving some “greater good” by cheating

Obviously, the urge to cheat in elections is not limited to government type — it’s been done in democracies and in communist states. However, one wonders if those who think they are representing a god in government fail to see the wrongness in their actions since they believe they cannot do wrong.


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