Finding Meaning Outside of Theism….

This video provides an interesting response to those who ask the non-theist, “How can your life have meaning without (fill in the person’s chosen religion)?

I resonate deeply with astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “sermon” in the video about forming a connection with the cosmos. That defines non-theistic religion for me.


One Response to Finding Meaning Outside of Theism….

  1. Fredwho says:

    Yes, Dr. Tyson has transcended the facts that he has accumulated about the universe. Those facts, for him, amount to than a just a pile of data. He finds that this knowledge ‘resonates’ with meaning – something ‘lights up’ for him. I would call that a spiritual experience, if ever a one there was. I would also say that there are countless other ways to experience the spiritual. You don’t have to be a cosmologist. You don’t have be a scientist of any kind. You don’t even have to be smart. Gee, I ain’t smart, and I feel the spiritual. I love it, whatever it is or is not. It’s nothing to do with religion, either.
    It’s like Sam Harris said, you don’t have to believe in all the dopey stuff to live a life full of spiritual beauty. It would be great if all those good religious people could let go of the excess baggage and just keep that profound joy. I reckon it would take faith to do that. Faith that the reality of the spiritual is independent of belief in all sorts of weird stuff.

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